Knee Pain Discussion with Dr. Herbold

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Dr. Richard Herbold is a dual board certified chiropractic neurologist and clinical nutritionist with over 36 years of experience and continual education. Located in Clifton Park, NY at the Capital District Vitality Center.

offer a unique and well-rounded approach to patient care which features many cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Herbold specializes in physical tools and customized nutritional programs that are based on functional laboratory testing as needed to ensure a customized program for your unique needs.

It is Dr. Herbold's specialty to help those who have been dismissed by conventional approaches and declared hopeless. Many times our in-house evaluations are sufficient to start your program. However, careful deliberation is taken after your comprehensive physical and nutritional examination to determine what outside testing, if any, will be needed to discover the root cause(s) of your health problems. The more complex the problem, the more unique functional evaluations are pursued in order to uncover the elusive causes. On the other hand, some patients will consult our office for the specific purpose of achieving optimal wellness through natural health care. Whatever your situation, we invite you to visit us and discover a different science-based approach to natural wellness.

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