Mid Back Pain Left Side - Mid Lower Back Pain Left Side

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Mid Back Pain Left Side - Mid Back Pain Left Side Causes


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How I Got Rid of My Back Pain

The first major thing that needed to happen to get rid of my back pain was that I had to be honest with myself and realize just how bad the situation had gotten. I had mid back pain on the left side as well as on the right side and pain going down my right leg. It would flare up at random during the day, and almost always at night.

The constant pain felt uncomfortable, painful, and like my back always needed to be popped, making it almost impossible to get a decent night's sleep. So, after realizing that the situation was dire, I requested time off from work and while my boss wasn't happy about me taking time off, he did see the logic in me needing to get healthy so that I could continue to work in the future. I'm sure if your pain is anything like what I went through that your boss will also see the logic in giving you time off for a short term in favor of keeping you around for the long term.

From there, I got help and started to read online, looking for different natural solutions for what may work.

For me, the answer was stretching and meditation (about one hour total time for both, performed each day), in addition to changing careers and taking time off from work.


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