Pelvic Joint Pains During Pregnancy

Not sure what to do about pelvic joint pains during pregnancy?

This can be referred to as Pregnancy-related Pelvic Girdle Pain (PPGP).

It involves a number of symptoms that are very uncomfortable, and brought about by a misalignment of your pelvic joints.

It does not cause harm to the child but it can prove to be quite painful to you as the mother. It is worse for some women more than others.

Luckily there are some things you can do to lessen the pain while you wait out the remaining weeks of your pregnancy.

If you receive the right treatment early enough, then the condition can be managed and the severity of the symptoms decreased.

It occurs in many women and though its cause is not fully known, it can be attributed to a number of issues such as previous damage to the pelvis area, the position and weight of the baby.

Finding out that you have this condition early enough can help in keeping the pain as minimal as possible.

This treatment can be done through manual therapy so as to make sure that the joints in your pelvis together with your spine and the hips move normally.

It also involves exercises in the water, and things to relieve pain such as a Tens unit.

A visit to a chiropractor can really help put things back in place.

You can then wear a pregnancy belt to help give your body extra support so there is less strain on your joints.

A visit to an acupuncturist is another way to get some relief.

You can go through a day of minimal pain if you avoid any activities that can trigger the pain. Stay as active as you can without making things worse.

Also, get as much rest as you can. If you are in pain, do not try to continue on while ignoring it. It is a signal that you need to stop and lay down for a while.

This can help ease your joints and thus reduce the pain.

Finally, you can ensure that when you sleep, you do so in a comfortable position.

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