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Tens of millions of individuals suffer from jaw/neck pain related to diagnosed temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Many millions more suffer similar jaw/neck pain without an established diagnosis. Theraflex TMJ Relief provides prompt, safe, effective relief directly to the areas of pain in this disorder.

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (Boston, MA) found in a double-blind controlled clinical trial that Theraflex TMJ was safe and effective in reducing pain in the masseter muscle and temporomandibular joint. The Tufts study was published in Cranio: The Journal of Craniomandibular Practice, Vol.22. no.2, April 2004. (link)

According to the study, the data indicated significant beneficial results from Theraflex TMJ when it was used twice daily for two weeks. Specifically, it was shown that Theraflex TMJ reduced pain in the masseter muscle by 68% compared to baseline; and reduced pain in the temporomandibular joint by 50% compared to baseline. The researchers concluded:

" TheraflexTMJ has been shown to be a safe, non-invasive and effective treatment for reducing pain in masseter muscles and TMJs. It should be considered as part of the first line treatment or adjuvant therapy for the treatment of temporomandibular disorders."

In addition:

* Theraflex TMJ provides health care providers with an alternative to oral NSAID's and their side effects, narcotic analgesics and intra-articular steroid injections.
*Orthodontic work can be pre-treated and continuously treated topically to help avert acute pain and stiffness

*During prolonged extensive procedures, oral surgeons can have patients topically pre-treat facial and neck muscles to help lessen or prevent pain and stiffness resulting from the procedure.

*Continuing Theraflex TMJ treatment at home will effect a faster, better healing response.

*Dentists fitting a patient with a mouth guard/splint can utilize Theraflex TMJ to effect some immediate relief, accelerate results with the guard/splint, and treat occasional acute pain episodes.

About Headaches

Most of not all people experience headaches, many on a frequent, if not chronic basis. A common but frequently unrecognized cause of these headaches can be TMJ disorders. Put succinctly, TMJ/TMD is a global disorder involving more that just the TMJ joint. It includes the connective tissues, muscles,ligaments and tendons of the scalp, jaw shoulder, and neck.

The muscle spasms and irritation related to TMJ/TMD may result in chronic headaches that may be mistaken for migraines. TMJ/TMD related headaches can be exceedingly difficult to diagnose and to treat.

Symptoms such as pounding, squeezing, throbbing, burning may actually have their etiology in a TMJ/TMD pathology. The source of these headaches frequently relates to muscle spasms in the temporalis, supraorbital, posterior cervical, and trapezius muscle systems. Theraflex TMJ effectively addresses these muscle problems. Many patients have achieved relief of their chronic headaches by using Theraflex TMJ joints, neck and shoulders.

Significantly, in this time of concern over the side effects and dangers of both OTC and prescription analgesics, Theraflex TMJ has none of the side effects associated with those medications.

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